2. Good walk with my pup today.


  3. #spring sunshine captured via #vscocam


  4. weirdvintage:

    Mildred Katleck and opossum at bathing beach, 1922 (via Library of Congress)

    I like this.

    (Source: weirdvintage, via weirdvintage)



  6. This may be the stereotypical peak of my thirty-something-kidless life: 2nd beer after working a Sunday night, snacking on a piece of cheese (that my cat wants to eat), and just closed a facebook surf session with the question, “what is ‘Frozen’?”


  7. Done with no. 2, but xstitching on the bus is interesting.



  9. fondulady asked: When people say, "color doesn't matter" it translates to me as "your oppression doesn't matter. I'm not going to recognize that your identity, cultural practices, and social experiences are something that you're affected by everyday." Pretending that everyone is equal is the perfect way to keep power systems in place. Race doesn't magically go away when people ignore it.


  10. Let’s talk about not only actively and knowingly participating in cultural appropriation, but labeling it with a spin on words (“Appropriate Culturation”) to make sure that privileged white middle finger really stands out. Mockery is not cute. Oklahoma’s governor has a real gem of a daughter there.

    Congratulations, Christina Fallin/Pink Pony.

    Also, deleting comments doesn’t make opinions go away.