1. Langley beach



  3. I was finally able (after a month of my lover keeping these beauties) to get out and photograph them! So happy to be a part of hosting such perfect creatures.



  5. Feeling extra aware of flesh & mortality. Took the scenic route home with a work sister but got home to process the image of the woman laid on the sidewalk with blood covering her abdomen, someone telling her how strong she is. Our shock pales in comparison. Sending all my healing energies to the SPU victims and their families.



  7. Goodnight, sun. Thank you for today.

    {View of sun setting over the Olympic Mountains, Washington}


  8. Picnic with friends.


  9. Found out my instagram camera has a filter.


  10. originalplumbing:

    1) Today is lavernecox's birthday.

    2) This week lavernecox graces the cover of timemagazine.

    3) (((commence screams of joy)))

    (via genderfork)